The China Study Challenge

The China Study is a book written by T. Colin Campbell which I recently picked up at one of the many over-priced stores in Grand Central Station, New York. I had seen one of my summer co-workers pouring over its pages on several occasions and, upon my asking, she thoroughly reccommended it to me. It has been the catalyst for a dramatic dietary change in my life. I am now calling myself vegan because that is just the easiest way to explain it but really it is not so strict. In order to understand why a complete foodie, like myself, would cut meat, dairy and eggs from their diet you simply need to read the book.

The science is startling and enlightening and it moved me to take action for my health. I am endeavouring to follow the China Study Diet for at least three months, from September to December 2012 and, for the benefit of those others who have chosen to likewise limit the foods they put into their bodies, I will blog about the meals I make, including recipes, and also any hardships I happen to encounter along the way. Being Irish, I am not surrounded by many people who care enough about their health to deny themselves the delights that are meat and dairy so if you are only interested in reading this blog for amusement at the expense of my lifestyle choice, then that is absolutely fine with me. My friends are gleaning much slagging material from my efforts so don’t feel bad.

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