Well folks, I’m back!

This semester has been particularly crazy as I have been getting used to all of the new drains on my time, ¬†including a part-time job and several committee roles in clubs and societies. While I definitely am a believer in the saying: “if you want something done, give it to a busy person”, I find myself doing things for other people more often than I do things for myself.

The above are the reasons why I have been absent, but I have learned (I think!) how to juggle all of my commitments and finally find time to pursue love of food properly.

My severe lack of time also led to me straying from my plant-based diet to the extent that I no longer feel I am following one at all. This is what I regret the most but I am trying to get back on the horse, hopefully with more conviction this time round.

Look forward to my backlog of recipes being thrown at you in the coming weeks.

Bisous x

Summery Beverage


So my Mom invited the extended family over for Sunday lunch as a kind of welcome home party for me and a chance for everyone to just get together and chat. I ate the leftovers from my dinner last night while the rest tucked into lasagna and stuffed pork. I have to say I was a little tempted by the lasagna.

This pretty looking drink was first discovered by parents when they went for lunch in a café in Galway so we decided to replicate it and it is made every so often for special occasions.

Elderflower Cordial

60ml Elderflower Cordial concentrate

690ml sparkling water

1/2 tbsp blueberries

1/2 tbsp raspberries

sprig of fresh mint leaves

Pour the elderflower concentrate into a 750ml glass bottle. Add in the blueberries, raspberries and mint. Using a skewer mix all of this together at the bottom of the bottle so the cordial turns pink.

Carefully pour in the sparkling water. Seal the bottle and turn upside down so the cordial combines with the sparkling water. Be careful when re-opening in case it bubbles.